HongKong Disneyland (12.31.08)

‘Twas time to experience what Walt Disney created in his mind years ago.  It is every kids’ “dream” to visit Disneyland.  Even first timer adults were having fun inside the resort.  Cool breeze winter time of the year.

How to get there:

By MTR Disneyland Resort Line:

Travel on the railway network of MTR and interchange for the Disneyland Resort Line at Sunny Bay Station

  • Only 23 minutes from the Hong Kong International Airport, MTR Airport station
  • 30 minutes from MTR Kowloon station and
  • 33 minutes from MTR Hong Kong station where Guests can pick up Park Tickets too

By Bus:

There are six local bus routes operated daily by Long Win Bus and Citybus to and from Hong Kong Disneyland. The cross-boundary bus route is also operated daily between Mainland China and Hong Kong Disneyland.

MTR trains and buses are the cheapest way to reach Disneyland Resort.  Alternative rides are by car, coach, or taxi.

Ticket Prices:

Ticket Type                        Peak Day Tickets                 Special Day Tickets

Adult                                         HK $350                                     HK $350

Child (3-11)                             HK $250                                     HK $250

Senior (> 65)                          HK $170                                     HK $170

You can check the Peak and Special days in Disneyland calendar.

First stop was Main Street USA park.  Seen the 2oth century American town during daytime.  Rode in an old fashioned vehicle.

Along Main Street with hotdog stands, fries and burger restaurants and souvenir item shops.

This way to Adventure land Castle.

Time to ride in Cinderella Carousel.

Parade float of Mickey and Minnie with Goofy.  Parade time of Disney characters will be announced from the speakers around the park.  Disney artists and singers were also entertaining the crowd along the streets.

Also, there are booths around the park for meeting and picture taking with Disney characters.  Disney characters will just come out anytime of the day.  Of course, long lines for Mickey and Minnie’s booth.  It was worth while waiting since Ciel had a good time with Mickey and Minnie.

Outside of  “It’s a Small World”.  It’s a small world after all.

Adventure land castle during night time.

Disneyland Gift shop.  Souvenir items galore inside.


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