Ueno, Tokyo Japan (04.08.10)

After more than a decade, we visited Tokyo for a week of family tour.  Last time we were there, was in Nagano prefecture for a job training.  But this time around is more of a pleasure visit.  Remember that Tokyo is one of the most expensive city in the world to live in. Well, there are holiday packages that you can check with but most of the time, they are expensive.  Free and easy is the best and cheapest.

1.  To start with, you have to apply for a visa.  Check your nationality if you need to get a visa to enter Japan.  Normally, it will take 2-3 days to issue a tourist visa.

Yokoso Japan

2.  Sakura is the one of the best time to visit Japan so we plan ahead of our trip by booking a flight 4 months in advance.  Delta Air is our choice airline.

3.  Find a place to sleep.  Tokyo is one of the most expensive city in the world so looking for a budget hotel is really difficult.  Especially for a season like Sakura, hotels are fully booked.  But we manage to book a nice place around Ueno area through Visit Japan 2010 site.

Sutton Place Hotel Ueno (front of the hotel)

4.  Plan your itinerary.  Depends on your interest.  Ueno park is surrounded with lots of cherry blossom trees and where you can experienced hanami.  If you like to visit museums, there are several museums around Ueno.  Tokyo National museum is one of them.  Your kids should not miss Tokyo Disneyland resort.  Another interesting site to visit is Tokyo tower, which is taller than Eiffel tower in Paris.  There are beautiful temples that you visit around Tokyo.  Don’t miss Imperial Palace garden.  For shoppers, Ginza is your place.  Try to visit Ginza during weekends, when Chuo Dori gets closed to traffic and become a large pedestrian zone.

5.  Tokyo subway is one of the most complex stations in the world.  And not only that, but also one of the busiest.  Make sure that you study and plan your destination well.  One way to get to the right direction is to ask Japanese polite station officers.

The weather was great and able to touch down at Narita airport by two in the afternoon.  Took  Skyliner train from Narita to Ueno district.  Travel is about 56 minutes.  Fare is about 1,900 Yen.  Make sure that you enter the correct car number since the tickets are booked with corresponding seats.

Outside of Skyliner train going to Ueno

Cherry blossom trees that you can vew from inside the Skyliner train

Love Japan with nice weather and delicious food.


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