Tokyo Dome, Zojo-ji Temple, & Tokyo Tower (04.12.10)

It was a rainy morning, day before our flight back to Singapore.  But still have time to visit Tokyo Dome with our umbrellas.

Tokyo Dome City is an extensive entertainment city located in the heart of Tokyo City.  Tokyo Dome,  a sports mecca; La Qua, a spa complex; and an amusement park.

Tokyo Dome is the franchise stadium for the Yomiuri Giants, hosting more than 60 games yearly. It is also one of the leading stadiums in the world.  Tokyo Dome is the biggest concert venue in Japan. Superstars like Madonna, Michael Jackson and the Backstreet Boys are just a few of those who have held their concerts in the dome so far.

Side of Tokyo Dome (rainy morning seen with umbrellas)

At Gate 21 (but it was closed)

Gate Guide Map

At Baseball Shop

Baseball Hall of Fame Museum

Baseball Hall of Fame Museum Poster

Our next destination:  Zojo-ji Temple.  Zojoji Temple was built in the year 1393. The closest subway stations are Onarimon or Shibakoen Station on the Mita Subway Line and Daimon Station on the Oedo Subway Line. The temple can also be reached in a ten minute walk from Hamamatsucho Station on the JR Yamanote and JR Keihin-Tohoku Line.

Front door of Zojo-ji Temple

Wall beside Zojo-ji temple

Last stop of the day:  Tokyo Tower.  The Tokyo Tower weighs about 4,000 tons. It is much lighter than the Eiffel Tower, which weighs 7,000 tons, a result of remarkable advances in steel manufacturing and construction technology.

At the foot of Tokyo Tower (entrance of Tokyo Tower base)

At Tokyo Tower Main Observatory

Scene above 150m  (main observatory of Tokyo Tower)

Stepping on the transparent look down glass from 150m above

Here’s Tokyo Tower

Before going back to our pad, still able to visit Akihabara District.  It is the electronics hub in Tokyo.

Inside a ten story electronics building.  Looking around for any good buys.

It was chilling day because of the rain and strong winds, but was able to roam around.  Thanks for a wonderful day.


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